Institute activities in research and education

- Fundamental research in nuclear energy focusing on commercial reactors, implemented in cooperation and collaboration with research institutions, companies and the local community in and around the Tsuruga region.
- Fundamental research on nuclear energy in an international setting, in collaboration with international partners, starting with France and the US
- Research towards improved nuclear safety, disaster prevention and risk management

Human resource development
- Undergraduate level education related to nuclear energy (minor degree, mechanical engineering)
- Specialized education "Course in fundamentals of nuclear engineering" for graduate students
- Hosting of (inter)national researchers, high-quality international human resource development making use of the nuclear facilities in Fukui prefecture

Cooperation and centralization
- Cooperation with universities and research institutions in neighboring prefectures
- Instigation of a research hub based on nuclear facilities in the Tsuruga region
- Cooperation with the Wakasa-wan Energy Research Center (WERC) and various research and education networks
- As a member of our community, contribute with public lectures, seminars, etc.

History of the Institute