Adviser's Message

Adviser's Message


Chairman Musashi University
Former minister of Education


 The problem of energy and the problem of global warming are two issues humanity is facing right now. To solve these two problems, we should use CO2-free nuclear energy as well as new energy sources. I would like to show my heartfelt approval for the University of Fukui for the creation of this research institute as a hub for research and education for safe nuclear power for the next 100 years. I hope and expect that this research institute will not only suggest a solution to a problem which is clear to all Japanese, but will also research how we should consider nuclear power as a solution to the fundamental question of energy, for the world and its inhabitants.

Adviser to the Osaka science and technology center
Emeritus professor of Kyoto University


The Research Institute of Nuclear Engineering has come into existence thanks to the efforts of those involved at the University of Fukui, and special funding from the Ministry of Education. This is a ground-breaking event, not only for the local community in Fukui Prefecture in support of their plan to create a hub for energy research, but also for research and education in the nuclear field nationwide. I expect that the director, the professors and the staff, well aware of their fundamental duties, will protect third parties and create world-level results.