Reserch Institute

Research & Education in our Institute


Department of Nuclear Reactor Physics

We do research on the nuclear properties of a nuclear reactor. In order to analyze the nuclear fission distribution inside a nuclear reactor, we do research on neutron-nuclear interaction data (“nuclear cross sections”), solution methods of the neutron transport equation, Verification & Validation of calculation methods, and Uncertainty Quantification. We contribute to the safety of nuclear power by investigating safety-related nuclear reactor physics.


Department of Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics

We research the thermalhydraulic properties of nuclear reactors. To understand the properties of a nuclear reactor as well as the heat transport system, including turbine(s) etc, we perform detailed 3D investigations, V&V of numerical methods, and do research to improve the accuracy of calculations. This research is a resource for the design and safety evaluation of next-generation nuclear reactors and measures against accidents.


Department of Nuclear Reactor Fuel and Materials

We perform materials science research concerning the structural materials and fuels in the nuclear fuel cycle, as well as research related to reprocessing of nuclear waste. By investigating the fuel, structural materials and nuclear waste of various nuclear reactor types, and the thermo-mechanical evaluation, we target the development of prediction methods for normal and accidental conditions. We contribute to a safer and more economical nuclear fuel cycle.


Department of Nuclear reactor construction systems and decommissioning

    Waste treatment and disposal
    Protection against earthquake and tsunami
    System design

To improve the safety of nuclear power plants and to minimize the environmental burden, our work encompasses the systemization of the decommissioning process using the experience gained at “Fugen” , the analysis of the impact of earthquakes and tsunamis on constructions, and the application of our research results for system design.


Department of Nuclear Power Disaster Prevention & Risk Management

    Severe Accident Evaluation
    Risk Evaluation
    Earthquake & Tsunami Engineering
    Risk Management
    Radiation Protection & Measurement
    Internationalization of Standards & Regulation
    Department of Nuclear Power Severe Accident Evaluation (Sponsored Research Department)

To push forward nuclear disaster prevention and risk management, and to develop new technology in these areas, we perform research on measures for accident prevention and mitigation, development of nuclear power systems resistant to earthquakes and tsunami, we formulate proposals for accident response measures, optimization of disaster prevention, measures for immediate and effective radiation protection, and work on effective management strategies for radioactive contamination.


Department of International Cooperation & Advancement of Human Resource Development

Our goal is to expand international collaborative research, as well as the human resource development for emerging nuclear countries in Asia, and to contribute to the safety of global nuclear power. Furthermore, we try to attract external funding by creating strategies to obtain external research awards, large research projects, etc.